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About Us

We deliver data for decision making

Auspace aspires to be the Australasian market leader in M2M solutions in dispersed wide area integrated personnel & asset management.

We aspire to achieve this because we believe the highest levels of protection and optimisation can be achieved through the integration of data from all field assets and personnel.

We do this by providing scalable client-tailored wide area solutions to protect and optimise personnel and assets.

To achieve this:

  • We combine our own tailorable family of products with volume Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) solutions, to ensure we can cost effectively solve our clients’ specific requirements;
  • We are solutions focused;
  • We are thought leaders in dispersed wide area solutions that support:
    • the safety of lone workers
    • the optimisation of assets
  • We understand our complex client’s true needs through long term relationships;
  • We utilise trusted “channels-to-market” to ensure our standard products can help a wide client base; and
  • We combine trusted partnerships with internal capabilities to enable value-add solutions to realise value for our clients.


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