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Defence and Emergency Services

Defence and Emergency Services

Defence force and emergency services requirements share a common thread of situational awareness, focussed on Lone Workers and teams of service personnel in either training or real life situations.

Deployment scenarios and terrains vary significantly, driving a range of hardware and communication systems requirements to be integrated and visualised on a common platform.

Visibility of vehicles, mobile assets and people in relation to each other, and real time reporting of the key attributes of each, requires seamless integration of multiple devices types and communication systems on a common operating platform.

Exception management driven by asset status, is critical for the effective management of large and diverse fleet elements, often requiring the services of an Emergency management Centre (EOC) to meet Customer operational requirements.

The Auspace integrated Lone Worker and IVMS solution family enables a range of operational risks to be cost effectively addressed on a common virtual map visualisation and decision support platform.

Where required, the system architecture supports enterprise integration using standard web services based interfaces, and monitoring by our EMC partner, Dynamiq.

Woomera Test Range Car – Auspace

Key People

Paul Weiss

General Manager

Paul is responsible for the ongoing operations and development of the Auspace business...

Paul is responsible for the ongoing operations and development of the Auspace business.  He has an extensive manufacturing and communications systems background in executive roles, through a series of successfully divested ventures, following his early career with IBM.

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Doug Mein

Operations and Product Manager

Doug is responsible for the operation of Auspace Services...

Doug is responsible for the operation of Auspace Services, management of Auspace product planning and Intellectual Property. Doug has an extensive background in engineering management, technology development, network operations, satellite communications system design and infrastructure deployment.

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