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Power and Utilities

Power and Utilities

Utility fleets are typically focussed on the systematic maintenance of distributed assets and emergency repair of same when services have been compromised through failure, accidental or environmental damage.

This sector represents a relatively complex operating environment, involving Lone Workers, a range of diverse vehicular and portable assets, operating in often stressful and time critical scenarios.

Effective utilization of people with respect to their fatigue levels, training and availability, combined with the requirement to operate vehicles at all times in an effective, efficient and safe manner, present key operational challenges in both scheduled and emergency maintenance scenarios.

The range of operating environments, deployment scenarios, and enterprise data requirements to be found across the industry, drives a bespoke approach to each Customer.

Key in this sector, is the requirement to integrate field data of specific Customer interest, across mixed fleets in diverse operating environments.

Auspace enables visualisation of these bespoke vehicle attributes and the status of lone and remote workers as either drivers or pedestrians; supporting enterprise integration of this data where it may be required, for scheduling and reporting purposes.

Power and Utilities – Auspace

Key People

Paul Weiss

General Manager

Paul is responsible for the ongoing operations and development of the Auspace business...

Paul is responsible for the ongoing operations and development of the Auspace business.  He has an extensive manufacturing and communications systems background in executive roles, through a series of successfully divested ventures, following his early career with IBM.

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Doug Mein

Operations and Product Manager

Doug is responsible for the operation of Auspace Services...

Doug is responsible for the operation of Auspace Services, management of Auspace product planning and Intellectual Property. Doug has an extensive background in engineering management, technology development, network operations, satellite communications system design and infrastructure deployment.

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