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Service and Transportation

Service and Transportation

Where driving is the key task, either long haul or field service, effective management of driver behaviour, fatigue and associated alerts, is key for driver safety and fleet efficiency.

A heavily regulated sector, transport and service is awash with solutions responding to specific regulatory requirements.

The sector often requires integration with transactional elements such as EFTPOS and typically requires electronic log books meeting specific requirements for Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) reporting purposes.

Against this regulatory backdrop, sensor functionality is increasingly becoming line fit, marginalising those suppliers with vertically integrated solutions that cannot be disaggregated.

Auspace engages this sector where our unique ability to shape our IVMS solution to meet a specific requirement, creates leverage and value for the Customer.

Increasingly fatigue is being recognised as a major risk, with correlation to driver behaviour, associated risk taking and degradation of operational efficiencies.

This is a core strategic focus for Auspace in this sector.

Service and Transportation – Auspace

Key People

Paul Weiss

General Manager

Paul is responsible for the ongoing operations and development of the Auspace business...

Paul is responsible for the ongoing operations and development of the Auspace business.  He has an extensive manufacturing and communications systems background in executive roles, through a series of successfully divested ventures, following his early career with IBM.

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Doug Mein

Operations and Product Manager

Doug is responsible for the operation of Auspace Services...

Doug is responsible for the operation of Auspace Services, management of Auspace product planning and Intellectual Property. Doug has an extensive background in engineering management, technology development, network operations, satellite communications system design and infrastructure deployment.

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